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                               * The 2019 Weight Loss Challenge *
          Your weight loss challenge team will consist of 1, 2, or 3 people & cost               $150.00 per team. You will need to come up with a creative name for your team
 for this is how your results will be identified. 

 1) Weigh in's will be the weekend of Jan. 5th & 6th (Sat. & Sun.) 

      *Final Weigh In: Saturday, March 2nd

                  -Teams & Individuals are still welcome to join after the weigh in date with
                    the understanding that all current weigh-in dates and times still apply.  

       * Initial weigh in: Jan. 5th & 6th  (9 AM - 12:00 AM on Sat. Jan. 5th) (4 PM - 6 PM on the 6th)

       * Final weigh in: March 2nd   (9 AM - 12 PM)

 2) Weight loss will be a percentage of your initial weight.
          - To figure your % of weight loss - take your weight lost / your beginning weight

 3) Results will be posted by team name as a percentage.
                - Results will be posted on our web site ----->

 4) The team with the largest percentage of weight loss will 
      win the grand prize!!

 5) A membership @ Cline's Body Shop is NOT required to participate;
      however, a membership is required  to use Cline's Body Shop through
      the duration of the competition.

 6) We do ask that if you have partaken in a weight loss procedure in the last 
      3 months, or plan to do so, that you opt out of this competition.

 7) Weigh-in attire will be shorts / wind pants, t-shirt, and sock feet. This attire                       should be consistent for each weigh-in. You will have your choice of                                 male or female (appointed judges) to observe your  weigh-in.

 8) The prize will be based on the number of participants OR a maximum of  

                 Thank you for your participation  and GOOD LUCK!!   
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Weight Loss Challenge
Final Results 

           Team                           Weight Loss  %

  The SR. Class                        


  The Ultra Lights                              

  The Hangery Birds